Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to the new Foolish Designs website!

Under Construction
Please excuse the lack of content as of the moment, as I am moving my old website over to Blogger in order to better tie my ability to show off my game design portfolio, publish a development blog for projects I'm working on, and generally centralize my web presence.

Since starting my game development consultancy work, I have seen several things asked on a regular basis.  I hope to publish on many of those topics here, hopefully helping those that come here to avoid many of the same mistakes that have been made before.  If even a few people walk away with something helpful, I'll consider it a success.

As I get time, I'll be discussing issues that come up on projects I'm currently working on (If allowed by those I'm working with, I often sign NDAs), and commenting on how i was able to correct or avoid the issue.  Hopefully this will also be useful to those that visit.  I also want to discuss more technical aspects of game development, such as using features of the Unity3/4 engine, asset management, and even team coordination using such things as Skype and Google+.

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