Monday, March 31, 2014

Skype vs. Google Hangouts: Which is better for meetings?

I work from a virtual office.  My cell phone, computer, and network connection is more important to me than my car.  Due to this, Skype has been my primary method of holding meetings for nearly a decade.

And Google+ Hangouts is probably going to change that.

As both a consultant and project manager, I have had to host meetings for up to a half dozen people on my computer.  In every case, Skype was used because while it wasn't really "stable", it WAS available to almost everyone.  This made it almost mandatory to use, as trying to get individuals to load new software was troublesome at best.

And now, we have Google Hangouts.  With nearly everyone having a Google account now, it's a simple process to start a hangout, send each recipient the url for the hangout, and wait for them to connect.  At worst, I have to show them the settings button to setup their headphones, and possibly turn on their camera.

From there, everyone can share their desktops, make diagrams, and share documents in one go using google drive.  This makes it the new standard I would like to use for my meetings.


Some don't like using it, quoting they already have Skype,  that it does fine, and that they don't need the features Hangouts uses.  Not to mention that everyone else they know is on Skype.

My advice?  Your friends are probably also on hangouts and don't even know it.

Try it.  Not for any other reason but that it seems to work just as well, and has better connection features.  At least consider it for your virtual office.

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  1. Between Skype and Google hangouts, I would still vote for Skype b/c of its superior voice quality. But I have discovered another very good alternative solution: RHUB`s Web conferencing servers and its voice quality beats both Skype and Google hangouts.