Background and Resume

John W. Bowden
Game Design Project Consultant and Manager

123 Finley road
Winchester, Ky. 40391
Phone: 859-595-3686

Game Design Experience:

Foolish Designs, 2013-present: 

  • Creation and processing of 3d footage for product mockups and special effects.
  • Development of new 3d social media interfaces and designs.
  • Education and training of new hires and team members.
  • Supported clients in development of game development projects, assisting in asset review for usefulness and quality, design consideration review, research and development of technical solutions, and final project assembly in the Unity game engine.  
  • Work with ad system plugin integration with Unity, allowing multiple advertisement systems to be activated after game release.
  • Multiple games released to IOS, including: TriBloom (wholly created), Circular Pong (wholly designed), Real Auto Racing (procedural racing track and animation systems), Monster Truck Road Rage Destruction (project assembly and re-coding as complete game), Dungeon Creep (wholly designed and coded).
Rezzable inc, 2007-2013: 

  • Managed and produced educational games. Developed 3d assets, coding and effects for several projects in Second Life. Maintained multiple Linux server systems for web and mail. Managed game and application development as lead designer. Trained and advised personnel in the process for developing 3d assets for game use. Developed pipelines/APIs for artists and programmers to merge assets in Unity3d. Created solutions to development challenges in Unity3d for team.

Language Lab, 2006-2007: 

  • Developed 3d assets and effects for Language Labs. 

Millions of Us, 2006: 
  • Designed and developed multiple projects for clients in Second Life. Acted as lead coder to develop several effects and tools on projects, as well as 3d asset development for environments. 

EDS, 2000-2006: 

  • Acted as technical support for multiple clients dealing with computer hardware and software. Developed and coded solutions to client mailing issues. Communicated with clients to solve problems in a customer service environment.

Ancient Awakenings Publications, 2004-2005: 

  • Acted as owner and manager of a role playing game publishing company. Created and published six titles over two years to good reviews.

Game Development Skills:

Team Leader/Project Manager: Experience in all levels of game design, from concept to final assembly and polishing. Capable of understanding the needs and abilities of team members, and able to communicate between them.
Programming and Tools: Expert C# and UnityScript programmer. Extensive knowledge of the Unity3d environment and tools. Experience with API and collaborative development between programmers and artists.
3D Asset Development: Experience in art and game modeling, topology, polygon budgeting, and manual correction of mesh errors. Capable of both character and environmental model development.
Texturing: Capable of creation and application of custom textures. Creation of normal maps from both images and high-detail models for use on lowpoly models. Understanding of diffuse, specular, normal,
alpha, emission, and similar maps. Knowledge of UV mapping and removal of texture seams.
Skinning and Rigging: Experienced with the process for taking a static model and rigging it for animation. Capable of rigging a model to deal with both common and uncommon issues, including thigh/hip/shoulder distortion.
Animation: Understands the process for hand animating characters with recoil, bounce, balance, and mass. Comprehends the needs of cycled animations, as well as transition animations between differing postures.
Audio: Understands the process of developing sound effects for game use. Dealing with environmental and character sound design. Syncing of sounds with motion and events.
Writing and fiction: Background in writing and publishing fiction and technical documents. Knowledgeable in the process of character and story development.


Louis-Marius Gendreau, Maguy Studios, Partner:
Jon Himoff, Rezzable, Owner:
Rachel Harper, Rezzable, Manager:
Alasdair Semple, Rezzable, Dev:
Alan Flannery, Somnium Entertainment, Owner:

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