--- Spheer.io ---  

Spheer is a project currently in development.  It is a social interface dealing with displaying all of a user's social and personal media on a 3d sphere, hence the name.

I was responsible for the creation of the 3d design, involving around 1000 cubes sliding along the surface of the sphere.  Each cube could have multiple icons, leading to a very complex moving interface.  I was also involved with the 3d mockups for the Indygogo campaign.  

My involvement included building several iterations of the GUI design used for the Spheer displays, as well all initial coding for the 3d sphere display.  Several art assets were custom designed myself as well.

--- Maguy Studios ---

I worked with Maguy Studios for around two years, both designing new mobile games, and rebuilding ones he already had for the Apple App Store.  I was the lead Unity programmer for all projects during this time.

Some of the games I designed and built from scratch (Game design and programming):

--- RayFrakked ---

RayFrakked is a single player, 3d, social, puzzle game..  It includes a built in level editor and web interface for saving/loading levels.  It was never released publicly as it was a private design project used to explaining game design principals.

You can read more about it here: RayFrakked Article

--- Animation Demos ---

--- Animation Demos ---

Zombie Animations
Gekko Movement Demo (old)
Greenie Animation Test (old)
Starship Commerial (Older than old)
Animated Text
Animated Baby

--- Character Demos ---

Robotic Avatar
Greenie Character Design
Time Vehicle Prototype
Alien Insect

--- Project Demos ---

Royal Opera House

--- Game Model Gallery ---

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