Products and Games

A puzzle game with a twist!

TriBloom (iOS)

TriBloom is the newest game by Foolish Designs, published under Maguy Studios.

A puzzle game where you spin bolts to move triangular tiles around a board to score points.  Special tiles include "Spectrum" tiles that can be used anywhere, black "Dead" tiles that can't be used, and "Bomb" tiles that change all the tiles around them, including getting rid of Dead tiles (or making new ones).

All the while you play, the timer ticks away, getting faster and faster, until you can no longer keep up.

This game comes with multiple difficulties and a full help tutorial!


Dungeon Creep (Android)

Dungeon creep was created wholly by Foolish Designs, and published by Somnium Entertainment.

Slider you heroes to victory in this grid based puzzle game, slaying monsters and hoarding treasure to get the highest score!

This game was designed in created in a single month.


Real Auto Racing (iOS)

Dungeon creep was coded and designed by Foolish Designs, and published by Maguy Studios.

Race your car along procedural tracks with a collection of possible cars.  Each track is randomly generated each time you play the game.