ggLeap: Gaming Kiosk

Foolish Designs was called in to rebuild the kiosk software that was being using in their gaming cafes.

This project was expanded to include a custom made networked sales display for Alienware and Bestbuy, and I was brought on to do the client display using Unity.

The interface was built from the ground up, with me processing all the images, video clips, and product data that was to be displayed and loaded onto the network servers.

Maguy Studios

I was hired longterm by Maguy Studios in order to design several games.

These games included TriBloom, Monster Truck Road Rage, Circular Pong, and Tower Run.

My central project was developing a core advertising system that allowed the studio to control ads from multiple advertising agencies, and was easy to plugin to each new game built.

It was a fun year!


My background goes all the way back to paper and pencil RPG game development, so when Noah Ternullo called me to work on his digital character sheet software for Traveller, I hopped right on.  

As of now, the rebuilds and changes are in beta, but I look forward to seeing it in use with one of my favorite RPGs.

Sentinel Studios: Mapping software

This project allowed me to work out the details for an advanced mapping software for RPGs.  

This is being built to act as a 3d dungeon builder and terrain mapper.  Fully functional, and built to allow for animated features like opening and closing doors.


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