What do we do?

Project Development...

Are you needing to smooth out your development pipeline or setup the tools you need to meet your goals?  I can help you make it happen.  

I can assist your company with project design, including game rules development, story and script writing, and dialog for character driven games. 

"Book one hour with him, and you will save a months effort. Great Guy! with detailed eye on game industry. I personally learned a lot while brainstorming the product specifications with him. He is a go to guide to learn about Game Industry."

Habib Ahmed of

Nordicomm Technologies Oy

Debugging Solutions...

"John (Foolish Frost) is impressive. Not only does he work tirelessly to move the project forward in an honest way, he's very careful about expectations and gives daily communication-- a joy to work with."

Norm Jones of


Do you have a project that is just doing something weird?  Do you need help with correcting crashes, odd behavior, or script failures of other kinds?  I can correct and deal with issues dealing with C#, Mecanim, animations, web interfaces, and asset import issues.

Asset Development...

Needs some custom models or animations on the double?  Need a sound effect for your game?  Got to have a quick map boxed out before next week's meeting?  Let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.  

I can work with you to create any assets you need for your project, and make them in the format you need.  We are also able to upgrade and modify assets brought in from 3rd parties, as long as you have usable source files.

"John is exceptionally well qualified at what he does and he know Unity inside and out. He's been doing it for a long time and it shows. He is also very used to working remotely and his communication skills in that context really shine. We started with a game modification but then I kept him on. He is a fast worker and his work ethics are top of the line. Will hire again and I recommend him without any reservations."

Gestion Maguy of

Maguy Ltd


"Great advice. John went above and beyond to help. His passion and knowledge is amazing"

Ali Reza Tehranian

Do you already have personnel, but need to expand their training into new areas quickly?  Are you wanting to learn how to complete projects in Unity on your own?  I am always willing to take the extra time needed to show and explain the work I'm doing for you so that you can learn to do it yourself.  While some skills do take experience to do well, others can be learned quite quickly.  If you have need of training in Unity or blender, feel free to contact me.

Project Assembly...

If you have the assets, but need someone to assemble them inside of Unity, I can be of assistance. Assets will be imported, tweaked, and displayed as per your needs in a completed scene.  Models imported will have materials and textures attached and tested under lighting.  Maps can even have Lightmapping applied to them.  

"Very professional Freelancer. We had a tight deadline and he was prepared to work long days with 6am starts in order to get the job done. Very happy with final results."

Ross McClintock of

ggCircuit, LLC.

Asset Review...

"Mr. Bowden quickly assessed and diagnosed a severe technical bug in our game and put our pipeline back on track. Extensive knowledge, great communicator, fit right into our team, we will continue to use going forward. Highly recommend."

Derrick Garvin of

Do you have models, animations, textures, or maps that need to be reviewed for quality and consistency? I can take your assets and test them inside of Unity Pro to make sure that you're getting what you pay for them. If flaws are found, I can then document the problems for correction and revision for your artist.


In addition, once I have added them to Unity for testing, I can send you the imported models as a Unity package to save you even more time.

Don't just take my word for it, head over to Upwork and look over my work history covering thousands of hours and glowing reviews.  I'll look forward to hearing from you!


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