Who are we?

We are designers...

We don't just make games, we design them from the ground up.  We make rules, and stories, and plot twists, and special effects.  We find the fun in the boring grind of making numbers go up, and make it the center of attention.

We are developers...

We can do more than design, we can build, too.  All those neat ideas don't mean a thing if you can't assemble them into a working package.  We can code your game using the Unity engine with C#, make your art into working levels, and build for the platform of your choice.

We are artists...

We can make art too.  Not just pretty pictures, but things that come alive in your project.  Characters in games are about the whole of the parts:  Modeling, Skinning, Rigging, and animation.  

We are solutions...

We overcome technical limitations.  Trying to get a thousand object to slide across the surface of a sphere in realtime?  We did that.  Load dozens of icons across the surface of each little cube?  We did that too.  Hard is easy.  The impossible just takes a bit more work.

We are teachers...

We don't stop at doing the work ourselves.  We offer training to help your own team improve.  We have consulted for dozens of startups solving challenges in every field of game design.  

Who are we?

The 'we' in Foolish Designs is simple. 


It's 'us'. 


I can help you design, develop and even manage your idea.  I'll work with you every step of the way and make your project a reality, but it takes 'you' to make it happen.  

My name is John Bowden, and I hope you'll join me as a client.


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